Helping make our communities healthier

Those with intellectual disabilities and mental health issues find ways to cope, communicate and better manage their mental, social and physical needs. Connxxions serves as their medical home to facilitate their care system.

Meridian’s Connxxions Program is to provide quality mental health services to individuals with intellectual or developmental disorders (IDD) and mental health needs. We refer to this as dually diagnosed. Through the Connxxions Program, participants gain skills that foster independence and enrich their lives.

Connxxions focuses on developing an individual’s ability to recognize when health issues are occurring or about to occur. This allows the individual to have a better understanding of how their health and well-being are connected.

Improving communication and learning through experiences are key features of the Connxxions program.

Connxxions works with the individual’s caregivers and family members to learn the best ways to help their loved one. Our services are provided multiple times a week through our behavioral clinicians. We also work alongside other providers such as waiver case managers and behavioral consultants to help assure all needs are being met.

The program includes:

Individual & Family Therapy

Group Activities

Personal Health Skills

Case Management

Psychiatric Services

MeridianMD—Family Medical Care

Behavior Management Consultation

24-Hour Preventative Hotline