Why should I give?

The answer is simple. Meridian is best positioned to truly help make our communities healthier. And the need has never been greater for holistic approach to better health.

Here are the facts:

  • 5% of the US population accounts for 49% of healthcare spending
  • 1/3 of all visits to a primary care doctor involve behavioral health issues
  • 70% of all behavioral medications are prescribed by a primary care doctor

In the seachange of healthcare, Meridian is a leader. Our extensive history and expertise in helping people cope, coupled with our expanding scope into primary care, makes Meridian a key player in navigating challenging waters… and providing hope.

Meridian’s impact is deepening and widening.

What started as the Children’s Guidance Clinic founded by concerned parents of special needs children, Meridian Health Services has grown into a leading, progressive healthcare provider with a mission of making our communities healthier… for everyone.

Our 40 year history of serving those who need it most continues, but with a new focus on whole-person health that creates physical, mental, and social well-being.

More and more people are turning to Meridian…and turning out well.

We continue to help people cope.

Whether it’s treatment for depression or addictions or specialized psychiatric care for seniors, Meridian has the expertise to help families deal with life’s challenges.

We’ve expanded our scope.

With the addition of primary care to our behavioral health roots, we now have physicians and clinics dedicated to your physical health. A Pediatric Clinic and a Women’s Health center are just the most recent examples of a spectrum of care that provides expertise at multiple levels. And because it’s all under one roof, we take an integrated whole-person approach to you well-being…and healthier communities.

All of this adds up to more hope.

Meridian has always provided niche services to those who need it most. Our school referral programs help hundreds of schools handle kids and families with the attention they deserve, while other programs help those with intellectual disabilities and mental health issues. Abuse, neglect, foster care, addictions, homeless support and HIV care show Meridian’s care is as compassionate as it is competent.

Meridian’s “patient-centered medical home” approach not only helps make patients healthier, it reduces costs. When these things happen, entire communities are healthier. And Meridian is a progressive leader in implementing integrated care.