How do I give?

Many people get great satisfaction from their support of our mission and would like to do more. Here are some additional ways to support us that you can consider. Please feel free to call and discuss them in greater detail.

Favorite Ways of Supporting Meridian Health Services

Cash – There are several types of cash contributions that you can make

  • Annual or Year-End Gifts
  • “Memorial” Gifts to recognize those important to you who have passed
  • “In Honor of” Gifts to recognize those who have impacted you

Securities – Stocks are easy to give and may offer great tax advantages

  • Transfer the stock to us electronically through your broker
  • Sent the stock certificate and a signed stock power

Bequests – Three possible options are to:

  • Leave a percentage of your estate after providing for family/friends
  • Leave a specified sum of money
  • Leave a particular piece of property

Life Insurance

  • Donation of a no longer needed policy
  • Name Meridian as a beneficiary of an existing policy

Gifts that Give Back to You, Your Family, or Named Beneficiaries

Charitable Gift Annuities – Choose between standard, deferred, or flexible deferred

Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust (CRAT) – Pays a fixed annuity income amount for life or a period not to exceed 20 years

Charitable Remainder Unitrust (CRUT) – Many of the attributes of CRAT but with a variable payout form resulting in more flexibility and planning opportunities

Charitable Lead Trust – Created to pay income to one or more charities, typically for a period of years, with remaining assets to then pass to non-charitable beneficiaries such as family members

Other Tax Smart Gift Ideas

Tangible Personal Property – Can be made today through a will or trust

Bank Accounts/CD’sMake Meridian the “payable-on-death beneficiary” of these types of instruments

Savings Bonds – Give them direct to Meridian and avoid the redemption taxes

Retirement Plan / IRA Assets – Give them direct to Meridian and avoid the significant federal redemption taxes

Real Estate – There are several ways to charitably gift real estate

  • Outright gift
  • Retained life estate
  • Bargain sale
  • Vacation time-shares