Suzanne Gresham Center

The Suzanne Gresham Center offers a wide array of programs and collaborates with other community entities to assist families facing challenges, such as abuse, neglect, addictions and behavioral issues. Services assist children with emotional or psychological needs, foster care placement, addiction issues and other behavioral health needs.

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Meridian Health Services provides complete treatment services for East Central Indiana’s children and their families at the Suzanne Gresham Center campus on River Road in Muncie. Services assist children with emotional or psychological needs, foster care placement, addiction issues, and other behavioral health needs. Gresham Center programs include family centered services, intensive family preservation and reunification services, and school based services.

Meridian works closely with other entities in the community including schools, physicians, the juvenile justice system and state agencies. Services range from outpatient individual, family and group therapy to home-based services which are geared to keeping at-risk families together or reunifying them. In addition, Meridian has a System of Care Program that coordinates both natural and agency supports in the community for families so that their children are able to stay at home and thrive.

The Gresham Center also houses a regional Child Advocacy Center (CAC). This location offers interviews and investigations of children who have experienced abuse. The environment was designed with the child’s comfort and well-being as a top priority. The CAC allows the community law enforcement and legal teams to pursue reports of child abuse more effectively. Most importantly, the CAC at the Gresham Center is a caring and healing environment for a victim of child abuse.

The Child Advocacy Center has received full national accreditation by the National Children’s alliance. At this time, only four of Indiana’s 21 CAC facilities have met the rigorous standards to receive this accreditation.

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