Addictions Therapy

Those battling addictions can find answers, and pave a road to recovery through Meridian’s Addictions Therapy services. A variety of treatment options are available to meet the specific needs of each patient.

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Meridian Health Services provides treatment and support for those experiencing addiction associated with alcohol, drugs or tobacco. Depending on the severity of the abuse or addiction, a number of treatment options are available including:

  • Intensive Outpatient Program and Aftercare that combines intensive addictions treatment with an 8-12 week aftercare program for accelerated recovery.
  • The Addictions & Recovery Center [ARC] that provides two levels of care: residential detoxification and residential treatment. Residential detoxification lasts approximately three to five days, followed by residential treatment that provides clients the required structured support for recovery. Clients are treated through whole-person health with behavioral therapy, intensive rehabilitation, wellness education and post-treatment support. Residential treatment is based on individual needs but typically lasts nearly 30 days


40 million Americans — around one out of every 7 people — ages 12 and older have a substance problem.
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